github + fedmsg, sign up your repos to feed the bus

Jun 18, 2014 | categories: fedmsg, github, fedora View Comments

I'm proud to announce a new web service that bridges upstream GitHub repository activity into the fedmsg bus.


Please check it out and let us know of any bugs you find. The regular fedmsg topics documentation shows examples of just what kinds of messages get rebroadcasted, so you can read all about that there if you like. The site has a neat dashboard that let's you toggle all of your various repos on and off -- you have control over which of your projects get published and which don't.

I know there's concern out there about building any kind of dependency between our infrastructure and proprietary stacks like GitHub, Inc. This new GitHub integration was a quick-win because we could do it 1) securely, (unlike with transifex), 2) with a low-maintenance, self-service dashboard, and 3) lots of our upstreams are on github or have mirrors on github. If you have another message source out there that you'd like to bridge in, drop into #fedora-apps and let me know. We'll see if we can figure something out that will work.

Anyways.. we should probably make some Fedora Badges for upstream development activity now, right? And, as a heads up, be on the lookout for new jenkins and bugzilla integration... coming soon.

Happy Hacking!

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Search github from the gnome-shell

Nov 07, 2012 | categories: python, github, gnome, fedora View Comments

After the first one, I wrote another search provider for gnome-shell >= 3.6 in python, this time for flipping through your github repositories.

Screencast on vimeo. Source on github. Fedora package review in bugzilla.

A standing problem is how to prompt the user for their authentication tokens. Right now, I require that the user maintain a ~/.search-github file by hand including their github username and password. Ugly, but it works.

Best, I think, would be to integrate with GNOME Online Accounts. However, it appears that I cannot write a plugin for that.

What other approaches are available? I could use a modal prompt kind of like when NetworkManager prompts you for a wifi or VPN password and could then save credentials to the keyring. I haven't yet figured out how to create that prompt yet though, so if anyone knows.. kindly point me in the right direction.

Other ideas?

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Listing all my tw2 github repositories

Mar 03, 2012 | categories: python, toscawidgets, github View Comments

Just starting out on the tw2 bugsprint this morning. I'm working on adding CompoundValidator support and Greg Jurman is working on resolving the duplicate JS encoders. That later one is a real pain. There are tons of widget libraries out that that use one set of JS objects, and plenty that use the others. To find out what uses what (so we can refactor with less pain) I had to ping my github account to find out the full list of tw2 libraries I've written.

Here it is! Using github2 to get a list of every repo (so I can clone and $ grep -nr JSFuncCall tw2.*):

#!/usr/bin/env python
import github2.client

ghc = github2.client.Github()

# This was the trick.  I have too many repos!
all_repos, page = [], 0
while True:
    new_repos = ghc.repos.list('ralphbean', page)
    if not new_repos:
    page += 1

for repo in all_repos:
    if 'tw2' in repo.name:
        print repo.name
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