Fedora Notifications, 0.3.0 Release

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Just as a heads up, a new release of the Fedora Notifications app (FMN) was deployed today (version 0.3.0).

Frontend Improvements

Negated Rules - Individual rules (associated with a filter) can now be negated. This means that you can now write a rule like: "forward me all messages mentioning my username except for meetbot messages and those secondary arch koji builds."

Disabled Filters - Filters can now be disabled instead of just deleted, thus letting you experiment with removing them before committing to giving them the boot.

Limited Info - The information on the "context" page is now successively revealed. Previously, when you first visited it, you were presented with an overwhelming amount of information and options. It was not at all obvious that you had to 'enable' a context first before you could receive messages. It was furthermore not obvious that even if you had it enabled, you still had to enter an irc nick or an email address in order for things to actually work. It now reveals each section as you complete the preceding ones, hopefully making things more intuitive -- it warns you that you need to be signed on to freenode and identified for the confirmation process to play out.

Truncated Names - Lastly and least, on the "context" page, rule names are no longer truncated with a ..., so you can more easily see the entirety of what each filter does.

Backend Improvements

Group Maintainership - There's a new feature in pkgdb as of this summer: groups can now be maintainers of packages. I.e. the perl-sig group can own a number of core perl packages. FMN didn't know to route messages about such packages to you if you're a member of the perl-sig group, but now it does.

Automatic Accounts - And lastly, with an eye to the future, when new FAS accounts are added to the packager group, FMN notices this and creates them an FMN account turned on by default. (This is in preparation for the upcoming switch of FMN from opt-in to opt-out for packagers.)

Clock Skew - There's a feature where the IRC backend will try to tell you how delayed it was in delivering your message. If your koji build finishes while FMN is busy with other stuff, when it finally gets to your message it will tell you "your koji build finished 2 minutes ago". There was a little cosmetic bug in this where, due to clock skew between servers, FMN would tell you that "your koji build finished 2 seconds in the future".. confusing! This release fixes that.

Cache Locking - The backend keeps an in-memory cache of everyone's notification preferences (which it intelligently invalidates based on fedmsg activity). Some optimization improvements were made on the thread locking around that cache.

Thanks for all the RFEs and bugs filed so far. Happy Hacking!

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