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Back in Rochester after a wild ride at FUDCon. Here's a rundown of my participation (deets):

  • Gave a lightning talk on pkgwat and a session on fedmsg.
  • Worked out an API design for datagrepper with Ian Weller.
  • Figured out a mechanism for end users to validate incoming fedmsg messages talking with Luke Macken.
  • Toshio and I brought pkgdb into the fedmsg brood.
  • It's been a long time coming, but I updated fedmsg in our production environment to be using zeromq3's TCP_KEEPALIVE features. We'll see if this solves our message dropping problem.
  • We moved a new release of the /packages webapp to production which includes my dogpile.cache work.
  • Jordan Sissel remotely hooked fedmsg up to the logstash demo.
  • Talked with Dennis Gilmore about hooking koji up to fedmsg. We have a plan and it shouldn't be too much longer. Getting messages out of koji was the #1 request I heard at FUDCon.
  • Also talked with Dennis about getting fedmsg messages out from secondary arch composes (the rel-eng process) and with Seth Vidal about getting fedmsg messages out from copr and our private cloud. Both situations require bringing messages in from untrusted environments and so will require some new measures. Plan++.
  • Lots of discussion about Fedora Badges (the stack for which needs a lot of love). I'll be buckling down more on it once I finish the current phase of fedmsg, but having the discussions out about infrastructure, goals, and scope with the whole group was a good thing.
  • Some good bar-time discussion of the GNOME OPW and how to make it more effective!
  • Met pingou, the French crew, and really everyone else. The Fedora community is full of some pretty awesome people. :)
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