Fedmsg Stream Now Available on identi.ca

Dec 08, 2012 | categories: identi.ca, fedmsg, fedora, twitter View Comments

I just finished setting up a fedmsg bot to post updates to identi.ca. You can check it out at @fedmsgbot. There's also this little realtime interface.

Why would this be of any interest?

  • You can check @fedmsgbot for a public timeline of the development of Fedora.
  • If you do something, and you're proud of it, you can go and "favorite" or "re-tweet" a message.

The code works just as well with Twitter (the bot can tweet to multiple platforms and accounts) but I ran into the daily maximum tweet limit; Twitter's 1000-new-updates-per-day is not enough for fedmsg. I asked Twitter if they'd allow an exception, but was denied. Ah, well.. if you have any workaround ideas, let me know.

The source for this, of course, is in the fedmsg repo.

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