Factory 2, Sprint 13

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The Factory 2.0 team is plugging along on a design phase for our next set of projects in the F27 timeframe.

  • The WaiverDB prototype is done (a key component in our vision for CI/CD). Next steps here are to have our technical fellows review the prototype and make sure it will meet our needs. We'll be aiming for production deployment soon after that (so we can iterate as needed).
  • The design work for Arbitrary Branching and Automated Rebuilds is nearing completion. We'll be planning out prototype work for those in the coming sprints.
  • Our design for PolicyEngine and Module Updates are both still cooking. Expect to see conclusions to their design phases in the next few sprints.

arbitrary-branches-fedora-focus-doc, by mprahl

This demo discusses the concept of “Arbitrary Branching" (package dist-git branches) and how that is a requirement for Fedora 27 to be a fully modularized operating system. It also elaborates on the high-level changes that will need to take place for this to become a reality.

coco-focus-doc, by jkaluza

In this demo, I briefly describe the status of Continus Compose Service focus document.

waiverdb-prototype, by mjia

In this demo I describe the background of WaiverDB, what problems it solved, showing how to use the HTTP APIs to manage the waivers.

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