TurboGears 2.1 and Foreclosures (more empty houses than homeless people)

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I wrote an app that scrapes foreclosure data from my county of residence and plots it six ways from Sunday in a TurboGears2.1 app. You can find it at http://monroe-threebean.rhcloud.com/, hosted on redhat's openshift cloud.

It's used by activists with Take Back the Land, Rochester and my local branch of the ISO to find upcoming evictions before they happen and organize the neighborhoods to stop the shuttering of homes. Get a hundred people at the door of the house before the cops come, and no-one is getting evicted (we've had some successes).

We're living in some absurd times where banks got bailed out by the trillions yet still get to collect on our student debt and mortgages. Most of us are being ruined. If you're not, then your neighbor is.

If you're in Boston, check out Vida Urbana or if you're in Chicago, check out the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign. Anywhere you go, check out the ISO.

Fork my code, port it to your home town, and start organizing!

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