PyCon 2015 (Part I)

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A few of us from Fedora are at PyCon US in Montreal for the week. The conference portion is almost over and the sprints start tomorrow, but in the meantime here are some highlights from the best sessions I sat in on:

Some hacking happened in the interstitial periods!

  • I wrote a prototype of a system to calculate and store statistics about fedmsg activity and some plugins for it. This will hopefully turn out to be quite useful for building community dashboards in the future (like a revamped releng dashboard or the nascent fedora-hubs).
  • We ported python-fedora to python3! Hooray!
  • The GSOC deadline really snuck up on us, so Pierre-Yves Chibon and I carved out some time to sit down and go over all the pending applications.

I'm really looking forwards to the sprints and the chance to work and connect with all our upstreams. We'll be holding a "Live From Pycon" video cast at some point. Details forthcoming. Happy Hacking!

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