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Feb 26, 2012 | categories: python, toscawidgets View Comments

The toscawidgets2 24 hour bugsprint is this coming Saturday! In order to get you excited and to curry all of your favors, I decided to give http://toscawidgets.org a facelift.

The old http://toscawidgets.org site was confusing! 80% of the frontpage was about toscawidgets 1 which, while stable, has a diminishing number of maintainers and no active development. 20% of the page was a "news" bar on the right that pointed users to "Alpha releases" and "new documentation" for tw2, timestamped back in 2010!


I revamped it to more clearly differentiate between the two versions of the framework and to give it a more modern look (if we're building python widget libraries, we better be on top of CSS3 on our project page, right?)

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