The New Fedora Tagger

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Last week the infrastructure team launched a new version of Fedora Tagger. It is a webapp that allows users to upvote/downvote tags on packages as well as rate packages themselves. The data ends up getting pulled into yum repo metadata by the bodhi masher and into the Fedora Packages indexer to improve search results. Fedora Tagger is also one of our first attempts at "gamification". You earn "points" by voting and rating and there's a leaderboard on which you can muscle for first place(!)

This new version is quite a bit of a rewrite. The original version was written on top of the TurboGears2 framework; this new one is written on Flask instead.

The rewrite has given us an opportunity to more clearly define the API (thanks to the hard efforts of Pierre-Yves Chibon). This affords us the opportunity to write tools against it: Pierre is working on a desktop tagger application and we've been in some conversation with Richard Hughes about using it for gnome-software.

Aside from having such a documented API, there are new end-user features and bugfixes, including:

  • OpenID FAS Login for security and convenience.
  • You can now cast your rating on packages (not just tags on packages)
  • The scoring system is more complicated. Adding new tags is worth more points than voting on pre-existing tags.
  • oddshocks contributed a nice link to the bug tracker from the main page.
  • After some deliberation on how to go about it, you can actually view packages with no tags when anonymous now.
  • There used to be some weird focus-stealing bugs when using hotkeys. Those have been eliminated.

Try it out, help improve package search, and climb your way to the number-one tagger spot!

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