Moving Down the Hall

Apr 11, 2016 | categories: fedora View Comments

I'm moving! Today is my first day on the Release Engineering Development team (RED team) of the PnT DevOps organization at Red Hat. After I get my bearings, I'll be working on "Factory 2.0" which, while still quite a nebulous and undefined thing, boils down to focusing on the next-generation build and release pipeline for RHEL and other Red Hat products. What's cool about this is that, since it's future-facing work, I get to focus on how to knit the effort with what's been going on in Fedora releng. We'll have lots to talk about and hack on, I'm sure.

Paul Frields published a post a few days ago about an opening on the Fedora Engineering team. Please do forward that to people you think would be a good fit!

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