Friday Fedora Web Dev Clinic (now on Monday...)

Feb 23, 2016 | categories: fedora View Comments

After talking with mleonova at devconf the other week, we got the idea in our heads to hold a weekly "web dev clinic" over video chat for the #fedora-apps crew. It will be a video chat lasting ~1 hour, once a week where, if you're working on Fedora web apps or websites, you can come and either get help on a problem you're facing, or show off your work, or both.

We're going to try for a first meeting this coming Friday at 15:00 UTC in this video channel. We'll run it a few weeks in a row and see how it goes.. maybe continue indefinitely?

EDIT: It went well. We had about 6 people attend and stepped through the way some of the JS and CSS are structured for bodhi2. We're going to reschedule the day though and meet on Mondays from now on. The next one will take place Monday, March 7th at 15:00 UTC in the same video channel. See you then!

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