Facelift for the apps.fp.o landing page

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The apps.fp.o landing page got an update last week:

It was reorganized -- the categories in place before weren't thought out that well, and we had started to out-grow them. I reorganized the apps loosely by "purpose". If you have input and want to suggest changes, please do file a bug or submit a patch.

It got a fresh theme -- I updated the css from old bootstrap-2.x conventions to bootstrap-3.1.x and am now using our Fedora bootstrap theme -- the same css base that FMN and bodhi2 use.

It now has status integration -- some apps on the landing page now draw additional information from status.fp.o to give viewers a heads up if they're not functioning correctly.


gnokii tells me he uses this thing all the time in his "how to join Fedora" sessions since "nobody can remember all the different urls."

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