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In case you missed it, the Bodhi2 FAD was last week.

Here's a quick rundown of the things I was able to contribute:

  • Each URL in Bodhi2 (any page you look at in the web URL) will also be an api endpoint for JSON and JSONP. This should hopefully make it easier to deduce the API from the pages you interact with. Built-in JSONP support means that our other webapps can query bodhi asynchronously from javascript clients. (Almost) every page should also serve an RSS feed from the same url as well. Just hit it with an 'Accept': 'application/rss' header.
  • I resurrected the search field on the front page from bodhi1 (now with autocomplete) via typeahead.js. At present, it can search updates, comments, and users.
  • Modern Fedora chrome and frontpage dashboard: I copied the style over from fmn which you may have seen from a screencast a few months ago. We expanded that to other pages.. but then Ricky Elrod took it to the next level
  • fedmsg hooks from bodhi1 have been added back in to bodhi2 now so we should get the same level and structure of messaging as we have now (plus some more events from the backend masher process).
  • The bulk of my time was spent in javascript land on the "new update form". It's pretty streamlined now compared to the bodhi1 incarnation. More on that as we get closer to launching a staging instance.

By the numbers

It was among the most productive sprints I've ever been a part of. The commit activity graph on github tells us:

  • 25 commits on Sunday
  • 47 commits on Monday
  • 43 commits on Tuesday
  • 55 commits on Wednesday
  • 6 commits on Thursday (we were packing up to leave).

None of those stats count commits to other repos related to bodhi2, like this feature and that feature.

To Do

At the FAD, we decided on a schedule of sorts: we'll try to get bodhi2 into staging before the alpha feature freeze in July, but we won't try to get Bodhi2 into production until a few weeks after F21 is released (Novemeber). I had made some previous "predictions" that we'd see it before Flock, but I hadn't factored in any interactions with the release process. We shouldn't rush it and disturb that.

Here are some things left that need doing:

  • Performance - Some pages (notably the user profile page) take far too long to load. We need to work on some optimizations
  • Finish the masher rewrite - The rewrite is awesome now (it has 70%+ test coverage. the bodhi1 masher had 0% coverage). It's just going to take more time to finish working through all the things that process is responsible for.
  • Long-form templates from fedmsg.meta - We hope to remove all the email code from Bodhi2 and just use Fedora Notifications (fmn) for notifications. One thing missing is the ability in fmn to do "long form" templates (long emails with lots of information). We have a plan to do that by adding a msg2long_form(msg, **config) function to fedmsg.meta. It just needs to get written, released, and leveraged at this point.
  • Candidates Deps would be a cool thing to auto-populate in the new update form. Currently, you type in a package and it auto-populates a checkbox list with all the candidate builds it could find. It would be extra neat if it could also find candidate dependencies and add them to that list as well.
  • Karma Policy Control - we have fine-grained karma feedback now, but it would be nice for maintainers to set fine-grained policy based on that feedback. Right now, it looks just like Bodhi1 (we just didn't have time to work through this corner at the FAD).
  • Taskotron feedback - We talked it over and submitted a patch, but there's still some work to be done to display taskotron results in the Bodhi2 UI.
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