Announcing -- 24 hour tw2 bug sprint for PyCon

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(First published to the toscawidgets-discuss google group)

It came up in IRC the other day that tw2 has been through many, many beta iterations.  So many in fact, that a full on tw2 2.0 release is painfully overdue.

That said, there are still plenty of out-standing issues in our issue tracker:

Before we tag and name the 2.0 final product, I'm proposing -- no, announcing -- a 24 hour tw2 sprint the weekend before PyCon.  We'll write docs, we'll automate tests, we'll settle the dispatch dispute and wax philosophic.

I invite you to join me Saturday, March 3rd at 18:00:00 UTC through Sunday, March 4th 18:00:00 UTC.  Hop into #toscawidgets on freenode or join me in a hangout on google plus.  We'll nail every last bug on deck and still have time for a beer.

Yours in widgetry-

 - threebean

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